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Magnetic Analysis Code for Download

    MATLAB m-files are available upon request. These magnetic processing programs are ASCII scripts written for MATLAB version R11 and later. The syn2d.m and inv2d.m scripts invoke the Parker (1973) and Parker and Huestis (1974) Fourier transform approach and are in part based on original Fortran77 code of Steve Miller and Prof. Ken Macdonald (UCSB). The syn3d.m and inv3d.m invoke the inversion for map data. Other specialty scripts such as direct inversion (Hussenoeder et al., 1996) and GMT grid i/o for matlab are available also. Please contact Maurice Tivey (mtivey at whoi dot edu) for more information.

    Matlab mfiles have been updated for calculating the current release of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) for year 2020 back to 1900. The m-file magfd.m and associated binary *.mat IGRF coefficient files for each 5 year epoch from 1900 to 2020 are also available upon request.

    Here is the IGRF link to the official IAGA V-MOD working group release of the 2020 coefficients, officially known as IGRF-13.

    Unfortunately the ftplink has been disabled. I will be posting here links to an accessible website such as GitHub for easier download. In the meantime please send me an email and i will forward a zip file with the code.

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