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Magnetism of Oceanic Core Complexes

Research Highlights 2004 - Kane Megamullion Cruise KN180-2

In 2004 I was Co-chief Scientist with WHOI colleagues Dr. Brian Tucholke and Dr. Henry Dick and Professor Mike Cheadle of the University of Wyoming on a month-long cruise to the Kane megamullion area in the central Atlantic Ocean. The primary purpose of the cruise was to investigate the predicted occurrence of lower crustal and upper mantle rocks exposed at the seafloor. We believe, based on seafloor morphology and geophysical measurements (gravity), that the seafloor at this location was a low-angle detachment fault surface that had been active long enough to have "unroofed" these usually deep-seated rock formations. This feature is known as an oceanic core complex (OCC).

A cruise report/synopsis of the 2004 cruise is posted here:






The survey was carried out using the ROV Jason-2, and the autonomous underwater vehicle ABE.





Links to published papers on Kane Oceanic Core Complex (OCC)

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