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Maurice TiveyMaurice A. Tivey
Senior Scientist
WHOI Geology & Geophysics
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Email address: mtivey at whoi dot edu

Hans SchoutenHans Schouten
Scientist Emeritus
WHOI Geology & Geophysics
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Email address: hschouten at whoi dot edu

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Former Graduate Students (M. Tivey advisor)
MIT/WHOI Joint Program

    Chris Waters
      clwaters at whoi dot edu
    Clare Williams
      clare.williams at bp dot uk dot com
    Allegra Hosford
      allegra at usgs dot gov
    Stefan Hussenoeder
      stefanh at exxon dot com
    Sang Mook Lee
      sml at snu dot ac dot kr

External Advisor for PhD

    Florent Szitkar : Institut Physique du Globe Paris (IPGP), 2013
    Masako Tominaga : Texas A&M University, 2008
    Mitsuko Kitazawa : Institut Physique du Globe Paris (IPGP), 2006

Former PostDocs (M. Tivey advisor)

    Masako Tominaga
      masako.tominaga at whoi dot edu
    Anne Deschamps
    James Kinsey
      jkinsey at whoi dot edu


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