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Jurassic Magnetism - High resolution surveys - 2002/2003 Cruise

At the end of 2002 and early 2003 I was Co-Chief scientist with Will Sager (TAMU) and Korean colleague Sang Mook Lee on board RV Thompson (TN2152) for a detailed deeptow magnetic survey of the older part of the Jurassic Japanese magnetic anomaly sequence that we had surveyed in 1992 but had not been able to extend as far back in time as we had hoped at the time. The goal of this new cruise was to confirm the magnetic anomalies we had obtained a decade earlier but also to extend the profiles past the ODP hole 801C which had been drilled in 1989 and deepened in 1992. We used the deep submergence side scan sonar vehicle DSL210 which not only collected deeptow magnetic data but also returned sidescan sonar images of the deep pacific seafloor and high resolution bathymetry.

Map of the survey region in the western Pacific.

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