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Magnetic Drifters

Name IMEI# Sensor Serial Number kml links
Happy 69750 APS 0677 N/A
Doc 67740 APS 0676 67740.kml
Sleepy 19370 APS 0697 19370.kml
Grumpy 11070 HMR 312908 11070.kml
Dopey 68760 APS 0698 68760.kml
Bashful 68740 HMR 311273 68740.kml
Sneezy 66760 APS 0679 66760.kml

"Doc" and "Happy" remain on shore for the present time

"Sneezy", "Bashful" and "Grumpy" have stopped working as of 6/13/13

"Dopey" stopped working 8/9/13

"Sleepy" stopped working 10/4/13


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